Williams Transco Atlantic Sunrise Project


Project Description

Williams operates a natural gas transmission pipeline known as the Transco pipeline, which transports natural gas from production areas to customers, such as utility companies and power plants, located throughout the eastern United States.  The Atlantic Sunrise Project is designed to supply enough natural gas to meet the daily needs of more than 7 million American homes by connecting producing regions in northeastern Pennsylvania to markets in the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern states. The expansion will add 1.7 million dekatherms per day of pipeline capacity to the Transco system.

The project will consist of compression and looping of the Transco Leidy Line in Pennsylvania along with a greenfield pipeline segment, referred to as the Central Penn Line, connecting the northeastern Marcellus producing region to the Transco mainline near Station 195 in southeastern Pennsylvania. Additional existing Transco facilities are being added or modified to allow gas to flow bi-directionally.

The preliminary project design includes a total of approximately 183 miles of new greenfield pipe (Central Penn North & Central Penn South), two pipeline loops totaling about 12 miles (Chapman Loop, Unity Loop), two and half miles of existing pipeline replacement, two new compressor facilities in Pennsylvania, and other facility additions or modifications in five states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina).

QIS is currently providing inspection on this project.



Phillips 66 Sweeny Project


Project Description

Phillips 66 began constructing Sweeny Fractionator One and the Freeport LPG Export Terminal.  The 100,000 barrel-per-day (BPD) Sweeny Fractionator One is located close to the Sweeny Refinery in Old Ocean, Texas. Several pipelines, including the Sand Hills Pipeline, supply NGL feedstock to this fractionator. The LPG Export Terminal, located at the marine terminal in Freeport, Texas.  The terminal has an initial export capacity of 4.4 million barrels per month with the expected startup in the second half of 2016.  Both the fractionator and export terminal will include NGL storage and pipelines that connect to market hubs in Mont Belvieu, as well as a 100,000 barrel-per-day de-ethanizer unit to upgrade domestic propane for export.  QIS provided inspection services for this project.

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline


Project Description

The Gulf Coast Project was a 487-mile, 36-inch crude oil pipeline beginning in Cushing, Oklahoma, and extending south to Nederland, Texas, built to serve the Gulf Coast marketplace. The Gulf Coast Project provides the capacity to transport up to 700,000 barrels of oil per day with the potential to transport up to 830,000 barrels of oil per day to Gulf Coast refineries. QIS provided inspection and administrative personnel for the Gulf Coast Project; as well as, the 48-mile, Houston Lateral Project, which provided the transportation of the crude oil to continue from Nederland, TX, to refineries in the Houston area.

Magellan Midstream


Project Description

QIS provided inspection services for Magellan Midstream’s BridgeTex Pipeline.  The project consisted of approximately 450 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 20 inches to 24 inches that was built from Colorado City, Texas, to Texas City, Texas.



Project Description

QIS provided inspection services for the Glass Mountain Pipeline LLC, which is a 215-mile intrastate pipeline located in western and north central Oklahoma. The pipeline consists of two 12-inch diameter laterals lines, one originating near the town of Alva in Woods County, Oklahoma and the second lateral originating near the town of Arnett in Ellis County, Oklahoma. The laterals intersect near Cleo Springs in Major County, Oklahoma where the pipeline increases to 18-inch in diameter and continues east to Cushing, Oklahoma.



Project Description

QIS continues to provide inspection personnel for pipeline, compressor stations, and other field operations in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma Panhandle, SW Kansas and Wyoming.  QIS provided the welding, coating, and ditching inspection on a large diameter 30” pipeline installation in Edmond, Oklahoma area.

Gill Ranch Storage


Project Description

Gill Ranch Storage is an underground intra-state natural gas storage facility near Fresno, Calif. It includes a pipeline that links the facility to Pacific Gas & Electric Company's (PG&E) mainline transmission system, allowing it to serve customers throughout California.  The facility is located about 25 miles west of Fresno and includes an approximately 27-mile, 30-inch pipeline, which is connected to the PG&E Line 401 north of Panoche, CA.  QIS provided all of the inspection services for the entire project.

Kinder Morgan – Ruby Project


Project Description

Ruby Pipeline, owned and operated by Kinder Morgan, is a 680-mile, 42-inch diameter pipeline system that extends from Wyoming to Oregon providing natural gas supplies from the major Rocky Mountain basins to consumers in California, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest.  QIS provided inspection services for this project.

Kern River


Project Description

Kern River Transmission Company - 717 miles of 36” and 42” pipeline and ten (10) large compressor stations from Opal, Wyoming to Bakersfield, California.  The finished product is supplying over 1.3 billion cubic feet of gas per day to southern California for electrical power, etc. QIS provided all inspection for the following: chief inspectors for all portions of the project including pipeline and compressor stations, CWI welding inspectors, utility inspectors, instrumentation and electrical inspectors, ditch inspectors, ROW inspectors, coating inspectors, and inspectors at the mills to ensure integrity of the piping for the pipeline.  In addition to inspection of the pipeline, QIS also provided all inspection services for the ten (10) large compressor stations that were built along the pipeline.

Gulfstream Project

2001-2002, 2005

Project Description

Gulfstream Natural Gas project-760 miles of 36” pipeline (437 miles of off-shore) from Mobile Bay Alabama to Tampa Bay Florida.   QIS provided all of the inspection services for this project. Welding, utility, coating, ditching, and off-shore inspection on lay barges LB200 and LB 801. Provided all inspection of piping, welding, coating of piping, coating of piping at the mill, and management of inspection on the lay barges. This project Included 330 miles of pipeline construction inspection onshore.  Also, we completed Phase II of Gulfstream in 2005 which included 110 miles of 36” pipeline expansion in Florida.