Work For QIS

We appreciate your interest in QIS! To submit your resume online, please click here or feel free to email your resume to any of our Personnel Directors listed below:

Monte Wallace: WmJhZ3JAZHZmdmFmY3JwZ3ZiYS5wYno=|WmJhZ3JAZHZmdmFmY3JwZ3ZiYS5wYno=

Arlen Kauffman: TmV5cmFAZHZmdmFmY3JwZ3ZiYS5wYno=|TmV5cmFAZHZmdmFmY3JwZ3ZiYS5wYno=

Clark Purdy: UHluZXhAZHZmdmFmY3JwZ3ZiYS5wYno=|UHluZXhAZHZmdmFmY3JwZ3ZiYS5wYno=

Chan Huffman: UHVuYS5VaHNzem5hQGR2ZnZhZmNycGd2YmEuaGY=|UHVuYS5VaHNzem5hQGR2ZnZhZmNycGd2YmEuaGY=

The personnel team can be reached at our main office number:

Phone: 580-468-6601

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5pm Central Time.