API 1169 - June 2019 Deadline


The next testing window for the API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector exam is scheduled for August 16 – 30, 2019. The registration deadline for this window is June 14, 2019, but you may want to get your application in before April 1.

The API 1169 Certification is a major certification in the API Individual Certification Program, but through agreement with the industry, the price has been kept artificially low in order to reach established industry goals. API will announce a price increase inline with the other major certifications beginning April 1, 2019. Beginning April 1 the fee for the 1169 exam will increase to $480 for non members and $360 for API members.

The API 1169 Certification will continue to be a highly valuable certification going forward. Nearly 7,000 inspectors have achieved the certification and will continue to provide value to operators through a documented thorough understanding of the recommended practices helping to promote industry safety and environmentally-safe practices.

If you wish to take the test at this time, don’t hesitate to get started with the enrollment process. If we can be of any help, please call our offices at (405) 604-9500 or (580) 468-6601.

You can also view some additional information to help you get started in your journey to be API 1169-certified by visiting this link –> http://www.qisinspection.com/api1169.php